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The old Moonshiners have ALWAYS had their TOP secret methods of doing things and hidden secret recipes which have been handed down to each other through the years, and unless you were trusted and belonged to a moonshining family, then you would never even get close to learning any of their hidden secret methods……

…..But, I KNOW their secrets and today I’m gonna give them to you….

UNCOVERED – The Moonshiners TOP Secrets! 

Okay, to get you started here’s just one secret that 99% of people get wrong……When you first start out making moonshine you must make sure that you build your Moonshine Still correctly….If you get this wrong then you are pretty much wasting your time and you’ll never have good moonshine.

In the Moonshine MEGA Package you will be shown the correct and best way to build your still, so that you get great moonshine.

In this MEGA Package you will find very easy to follow instructions, and whether you are just starting out or have years of experience, you are still going to find many amazing tips and little know secrets that will really open your eyes when it comes to making moonshine – You’re gonna love this, I’m 100% certain!

How To make Moonshine At Home


First off – This package is massive and everything is written my experts – You’re Moonshine MEGA Package Will contain:-

1. Building Home Moonshine Stills and How to Distill Properly. The BEST guide on the market.

Our package has 2 diagrams to make stills without welding. For starters we recommend one of them, very simple and of very low cost, that allows to control the bad alcohols or fusels/foreshots. The other one can be made with what you usually have at home.

For those who want to make more sophisticated stills, this package also includes instructions and step-by-step plans and pictures on how to build pot, reflux and reflux valved stills. How to operate the stills to distill properly is also clearly explained.

A practical guide on how to correctly solder copper is also included.

2. Mash and Fermentation

After building your still, these instructions explain clearly and thoroughly how to make and ferment the mash. Strictly what is necessary, without introducing any of the myths this subject is usually surrounded with. No yeast needed unless you want to accelerate the fermentation.

A practical table with the quantity of ingredients to use for different volumes of mash is also included.

3. Activated Carbon Filtering

A good distillation does not require activated charcoal filtering. For those that use a pot still or the still without soldering that we recommend to starters, charcoal filtering may be necessary.

4. Hydrometer For Alcohol Use and Correction Table

The use of the alcoholmeter or hydrometer for alcohol is pretty straightforward, but some tips are needed to get this right, as well as a correction table in case the alcohol you are measuring does not match the usual alcoholmeter calibration of 68ºF (= 20º C). All this is included.

5. Mead and Moonshine Recipes

Here’s just some of the recipes you get – Black Beards rum, Stonewall Southern whiskey, whiskey, rye whiskey, good whiskey, JD’s black label whiskey, Indian head-corn whiskey, watermelon-peach moonshine brandy, watermelon-elderberry moonshine brandy, watermelon-grape moonshine brandy, welches frozen grape juice moonshine brandy, apple pie brandy mountain dew, sweet feed moonshine, tangle-foot moonshine, wheat germ, kill me quick.

6. How to Make All Kinds of Cider, Fruit Wines and Vinegar (567 Pages)

Another massive and great book with the different methods and processes, recipes, etc., to make ciders, fruit wines and vinegar.

7. Comprehensive Source on Alcohol Distillation, particularly for the farm (268 Pages)

A book from around 1900. Very clear and thorough explanations on alcohol, mashes, fermentation,  distillation, rectification, malting, the different types of stills, and the processes to obtain alcohol from potatoes, corn, wheat, rice, beets, molasses, sugar cane. Excellent reading.

8. Gas up your car for FREE!! – Distillation of Alcohol Fuel/Ethanol

The methods to make ethanol fuel: Basic steps in the production, mash recipes, still designs and operation, including two low cost  column stills, and a weblink to an interactive and illustrative video on ethanol production. The form to apply for the alcohol fuel permit in the U.S. is included.

9. The Art of Making Whiskey and Gin, by A. Boucherie, 1919

How to make a better and purer whiskey and how to convert it to gin following the methods of the Holland distilleries.

10. The Practical Distiller, by Samuel McHarry, 1809

McHarry’s book is a classic, published in 1809. For some, he is the precursor of Bourbon (proposed the use of 1/3 to full corn) and of  Tennessee whiskey (proposed maple charcoal filtering). This book is a clear introduction to making whiskey, gin, brandy and many other  spirits, from rye, corn, buck-wheat, apples, peaches, potatoes, pumpions and turnips. The treatment of early American whiskey, and  its clarification and coloring, is particularly fascinating. The book is a treasure chest of distilling secrets.

11. Making Liquors without Distillation (313 Pages)

Perhaps you also want to make liquors without distilling, and to experiment with flavoring. To that purpose we include a nice and practical work.

12. All the Liquors with Valuable Formulas Starting from the Plants’ Leaves and Seeds (207 Pages)

This work is a little bible of all the liquors, starting from the very plants’ leaves and seeds, with precise formulas and indications on how to make all the absinthes, sirups, anisettes, brandies, essences, cremes, etc. You will browse this little book over and over again.

13. Methane or Biogas from Manure and residual Biofertilizer

As alternative energy for the farm, we include literature on methods and plans to make digesters to process methane from manure, and on how to use and maintain them. Asians are experts on this subject, consequently their digester construction methods and processes have also been included, as well as the utilization of the resultant biofertilizer.

Moonshine MEGA Package

Inside the Moonshine MEGA package, you’ll discover and learn PROVEN methods that work (I know because I’ve tried and tested them, remember):

Everything you need to know to make the best Moonshine EVER, is right here in this amazing MEGA package we have put together for you.

  • How To Build Your Moonshine Still Correctly.
  • Everything You’ll Every Need To Know About Mash and Fermentation
  • Amazing Mead and Moonshine Recipes
  • How to Make All Kinds of Cider, Fruit Wines and Vinegar
  • Distillation of Moonshine – Alcohol & Ethanol Fuel
  • The Art of Making Whiskey and Gin, by A. Boucherie, 1919 – CLASSIC BOOK
  • The Practical Distiller, by Samuel McHarry, 1809 – CLASSIC BOOK

Your Purchase Is 100% Protected

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’m so confident that the Moonshine MEGA Package will solve everything you ever wanted to know about moonshine that I’m offering a “No-Questions-Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee. All I ask is you try out the Moonshine MEGA package for 30 days and if you are not happy with it after the 30 days, then I don’t want your money.

Simply contact me and I’ll happily refund your purchase in full.

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To sweeten the pot, and to encourage you to take action I have a few EXTRA Bonuses for you:

We will also include in this Moonshine MEGA Package the following eBooks:-


8 x FREE BONUS Books

8 x Classic drink recipes – Bartender secrets – etc…

  • The Ideal Bartender, T. Bullock, 1917
  • Burke’s Complete Cocktail & Drinking Recipes, 1920
  • Bartenders’ Encyclopedia, T. Daly, 1903
  • Modern American Drinks, G. J. Kappeler, 1900
  • Beverages Deluxe, G. R. Washburne & S. Bronner, 1914
  • Jack’s Manual Bartender, 1910 How to Mix Drinks, Winter, circa 1900
  • Fancy Drinks, T. Stuart, 1896
  • The Art of Blending & Compounding Liquors & Wines, J. Fleischman, 1885

A Further 5 FREE Bonus Books

A further 5 x Classic drink recipes – Bartender secrets – etc…

  • The Complete Bartender, A. Barnes, 1884
  • Mixing Fancy Drinks, J. C. Maloney, 1900
  • New & Improved Bartender’s Manual, H. Johnson, 1888
  • How to Mix Drink, Anonymous, circa 1900
  • American & Other Drinks, L. Engel, 1878

If you take a look at the value I’m offering you here today, I could easily have asked for $47, $67 or even $97. However I’m not doing that because I really want you to take my experience and learn from it, so that you too can have Moonshiners Secrets like I have.

Why would I do that?

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